What is What Next?

What Next? Is a movement bringing together arts and cultural organisations across the UK, to articulate, champion and strengthen the role of culture in our society. We work together and seek alliances beyond the cultural sector to become a catalyst for fresh thinking and new policy ideas. Through advocacy, campaigning and collaboration we engage people in different conversations about how and why arts and culture are important. 

Arts For Britain

The publically funded arts are behind every great British TV programme, book, festIval and film. We work with local schools, hospitals and community groups to make every local area great.

This Autumn the Chancellor is making decisions about government spending for the next four years. He is currently asking all departments to plan for cuts of between 25% and 40%.

If funding for the arts is kept at current levels then we will be able to continue as a world leader; as the rocket fuel for our Creative Industries, for the economy and for society.

To make this happen we need the MP in every constituency to become a champion for the arts and to write to the Chancellor to tell him why they are so important.

You can make this happen by becoming part of the Arts for Britain campaign.


Get Creative

Get Creative is a campaign led by the BBC and What Next? in partnership with a huge range of arts, cultural and voluntary organisations across the UK.

It came about in part as a result of the Warwick Commission’s year long investigation into the Future of Cultural Value; a politically neutral and independent study into the kind of investment needed to ensure all forms of culture are inclusive and accessible for all; and collaboration with Voluntary Arts, Culture at King’s, 64 Million Artists, Fun Palaces, Cultural Learning Alliance and Arts Council England.

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Meeting Ethical and Reputational Challenges

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