Freelance : Futures

A Summer Programme of Learning & Action for Equitable Conditions in Culture

FREELANCE : FUTURES was a call for collective learning and action to build equitable conditions for freelancers working in culture. Through free resources, workshops, panel discussions, self-organising spaces and virtual gathering (13 JUN – 17 JUNE 2022), we explored sector organising, freelancer rights and resources, organisational transformation and policy-making.

FREELANCE : FUTURES was a 9-week programme for independent practitioners, cultural organisations, unions, funders and policymakers. It will take all of our efforts to effect real change, so we encouraged arts organisations to bring their eco-systems with them to engage, share, learn and mobilise. A Summer Programme of Learning and Action for Equitable Conditions in Culture – catch up here:

Resources – there are some brilliant resources here:

FREELANCE : FUTURES was convened by a consortium of freelancer-led networks, and organisations working with independent practitioners, including Freelancers Make Theatre Work, Inc Arts, Migrants In Culture, MAX Musician and Artist Exchange, people make it work, Something To Aim For and What Next?