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What Next? is an independent, free-to-access UK-wide movement, bringing together small and large arts organisations and freelancers to inform, debate and shape the future of the arts and culture. Via regional Chapters who meet regularly, and a bi-monthly UK-wide online gathering, we convene space for discussion, advocate for sector change, and learn and model systems leadership.

Our vision: For arts & culture to make a vital contribution to creating an equitable society.

To survive and grow we need financial contributions from the culture sector.  Are you or your colleagues attendees to What Next? meetings, either the UK-wide meeting online or meetings in your area? Do you value the information, advocacy and community?

Our needs as a movement

What Next? Culture Ltd is supported by a team of three part-time freelancers, who work closely with a Leadership Group of Cultural Leaders and the local knowledge and expertise of our regional Chapter Chairs.

The work we do costs £150,000 a year. This includes strategic programmes, movement grants, access costs, professional fees, and overheads.

Over the last five years we have been supported through the generosity of trusts and foundations (Paul Hamlyn, Esmee Fairbairn, Calouste Gulbenkian, Clore Duffield, Foyle, Mackintosh, and the Theatre Development Trust) as well as the support of Arts Council England and a number of vital donations by cultural organisations and individuals.

Many people offer us support in kind and we are extremely grateful for the time and expertise we receive, but our funders need evidence that we are valued and financially supported by those involved in the culture sector. We urgently need that generous support to continue and expand the work we do.

What we will do in 2023/24:

What Next? will continue to work on three priorities to:

  1. Influence policy-making to make the case for the arts, culture and communities. We will be continuing to work with all major political parties in the run-up to the next general election, and at the party conferences.
  2. Organise the What Next? movement around debating and shaping the future of the cultural sector in the current socio-political landscape. Our regional Chapters will continue to develop strategies and initiatives that meet the needs of their local communities.
  3. Democratise and diversify the movement’s structures and cultures

How to donate
You can click the button below to make a donation via PayPal, or email if you would prefer to receive an invoice.


We believe in empowering everyone to get informed and use their voice and their assets to make the change they want to see. We are completely independent and led by the sector. We are absolutely reliant on your donations to keep going.

Support the Movement

To survive as an independent space to shape the future of the arts & culture, we need financial contributions from the movement.

If you are an organisation: We ask you to consider a:

  • Contribution of £3,000: Organisations with £1 million or more worth of  funding p/y
  • Contribution of £1,000: Organisations with £250,000 – £999,999 worth of funding p/y
  • Contribution of £250: Organisations with £40,000 – £249,999 worth of funding p/y

If you are an individual: We ask you to consider contributing £25 a year or £5 per month.

Everyone is welcome at What Next?.

What Next? is not a membership organisation but donations are most gratefully received to help us continue our work in an independent space. This is not about buying a seat at the table – we are striving to make our table accessible to everyone. This is about securing the future of What Next?.