Start a Chapter

Claire Patey, Crayfish Bob, Two Degrees 2011, produced by Artsadmin. Photo: Toby Smith

All you need to start a What Next? Chapter in your region is the motivation to bring about change, plenty of passion and energy, and a little bit of time. Most chapters are run by people working in the cultural sector, many of whom are leaders either of arts organisations or working in a freelance capacity.

Regular Chapter meetings are usually chaired by one or two people (this can rotate), or can be run through committee, and held at a regular time each month. We suggest that groups are small enough for everyone to have a voice and big enough to have a rich conversation. Freelancers, arts organisations or local community groups can take the lead on different issues and suggest possible guest speakers.

We connect and support What Next? Chapters via regular Chapter Chair meetings, and our UK wide meeting on Zoom. The What Next? UK core team can offer guidance on what works best across the UK, and ensure Chapters are joined up together. We know that the success of the movement so far has been down to the good will, generosity and energy of everyone involved and we always want to find new ways to support each other in what we do.

We work across art forms and with people involved in all corners of the cultural sector. Additionally we want to build unlikely alliances so that we can share ideas with other sectors and extend our connections. We think we need to identify the crucial issues we can effectively explore and act on together. A useful principle seems to be ‘highest common denominator’.

If you are interested in setting up your own What Next? chapter and want to talk to us about inviting someone to your first meeting, contact Clare Thurman.

We have developed a guide designed to help those interesting in starting a What Next? Chapter. View or download it using the link below.

Guide to starting a chapter