Who is involved

The Voice Project, Norfolk & Norwich Festival. Photos: JMA Photography

What Next? Chapters across the UK, and those who attend meetings regularly are pivotal to what we are about. You can find details of your local Chapter Chair on the Chapters Page.

The people involved range from those working as freelance individuals in the arts and cultural sector to those working within large and small organisations in a variety of roles. Through building alliances beyond the sector and asking for contributions from experts in their fields we also have regular attendees from academia, the education sector, local government, local businesses and charities.

There are four individuals providing core support to the What Next? movement on a regular basis, with thanks to our generous supporters Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn, Arts Council England and the many organisations who have given donations.

We have a What Next? Steering Group that meet regularly.

What Next? Steering Group –  See biographies

  • Laura Drane – Current Co-Chair of What Next? – Freelance producer, facilitator, consultant  and Co-Chair of What Next? Cymru
  • Suzanne Alleyne, Creative Strategist and leader of Neurology of Power (joined in 2019)
  • Jamie Beddard, Co-Artistic Director Diverse City (joined in 2018)
  • Dave Moutrey, CEO at HOME, Director of Culture for Manchester City Council (joined in 2018)
  • Sarah Ellis – Director of Digital Development for the Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Keisha Thompson – AD and CEO (Contact, Manchester)
  • Kate McGrath – Director, Fuel
  • Holly Lombardo – Director, NRTF and Chapter Chair of What Next? Rural
  • David Tovey (role share) – Arts and Homelessness International, Senior Producer
  • Lora Krasteva (role share) – Founder of Global Voices Theatre
  • Alexandrina Hemsley – Freelance Creative Practitioner and Consultant
  • Dan de la Motte – Freelance as Producer, Curator, Performer and Activist
  • Alison Clark – Head of Culture Sport & Tourism, Durham County Council
  • Monique Baptiste-Brown – Head of Audiences and Communications – Brixton House
  • Claire Hodgson – Co-artistic Director Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies (role share with Jamie Beddard)