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What Next? Chapters

What Next? Culture encompasses hundreds of individuals and organisations, in regional What Next? Chapters around the UK.  Chapters have found it very useful to create and sustain regional networks and discuss local issues and then position themselves within a wider UK context.

Join a Chapter

Use the map or menu alongside to find details of a chapter in your region. Anyone can join a chapter. Simply find a group you’re interested in and connect with them. Where possible we’ve provided details of when and where each chapter meets. But this varies throughout the year, so please use it as a guide, and contact the Chapter Chairs to confirm details of upcoming meetings and join the regional email list.

What Next? Norfolk


All you need to start a What Next? Chapter is the motivation to bring about change, plenty of passion and energy and a little bit of time. We have found that if these meetings are held in a particular way – open, positive, collaborative, and forward looking – a particular ethos emerges. Our concern is for everyone to have a voice. If there is not a chapter in your region, why not set up your own.

Code of Conduct

What Next? believes that it is our collective responsibility to create spaces, both offline and online, that are welcoming and respectful to everyone. This Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to our vision of Arts and Culture playing a vital role in creating a more equitable society, and our values of democracy, equity, leadership, creativity, generosity and trust:

Code of Conduct for What Next? Meetings