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On the 15th of March, the Cabinet Office published a public call for evidence into Covid Status Certification Review. This consultation has a deadline of the 29thMarch 2021.

On the website it states that: ‘COVID-status certification’ refers to the use of testing or vaccination data to confirm in different settings that individuals have a lower risk of getting sick with, or transmitting COVID-19, to others. Such certification would be available both to vaccinated people and to unvaccinated people who have been tested.

What Next? believes that the findings of this Review will have an extraordinary impact on the cultural sector, and could impact on our ability to deliver for years to come. Individuals could potentially have to use digital certification to join the workforce, or to participate in, or be an audience for culture. There are no timescales included in the Review, and so these mechanisms could be in place for several years.

This is a complex issue which does not lend itself to a binary or unified position, but it is essential that those making the decisions on ways forward hear the nuanced views of our sector; understanding the different and competing demands of different arts and cultural organisations and individuals, and looking through an equality, rights and ethical lens as much as the critical economic one.

We believe that there is evidence that a cost of an economic recovery supported solely by certification would be the diversity of audiences, workforce and participants, and diversity of the arts and cultural content that is created. We believe that a range of creative measures will be needed to ensure this does not happen.

We have created these draft notes as an aid to anyone in our movement wishing to make a response to the consultation.


Seven Inclusive Principles for Arts & Cultural Organisations working safely through COVID-19 (1)

Campaigning cultural organisations We Shall Not Be Removed, Ramps on the Moon, Attitude is Everything, Paraorchestra and What Next? have joined together to create a new guide for the arts and entertainment sectors to support disability inclusion.

Here are Seven Inclusive Principles for Arts & Cultural Organisations working safely through COVID-19 to complement the suite of guidance documents already issued by UK Governments and sector support organisations. The Seven Principles offer practical guidance to arts and cultural organisations to support disabled artists, audiences, visitors, participants and employees.

The Bacc for the Future campaign, the Cultural Learning Alliance and What Next? has launched Arts in Schools, an advocacy toolkit designed to inform, help and inspire advocates to take action against the downward trend of the arts in schools.

Arts in Schools is a useful toolkit for arts activists and teachers to refer to and use when advocating and championing arts education. The pack includes vital information and advice to help make the case to keep arts in schools, including how to write letters to local MPs and Councillors, the National Schools Commissioner and members of the Education Select Committee.

Download the arts advocacy toolkit using the link at the bottom of the page or visit for more information.

Our focus on engaging MPs continues but this time with a focus on the local picture. This resource is about engaging your local MPs with top tips, step by step guidance and some useful key facts.