What Next? Steering Group Recruitment

12 May 2020

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What Next? is a national movement that brings people together to debate and shape the future of arts and culture in the UK. We support over 30 chapters across the UK as creative agents for change, both locally and nationally. Following an eight month strategic review we now have a refreshed vision and set of goals which puts inclusivity and democracy at the heart of how we move forward.

To support our new strategy, and the growth and development of the movement, What Next? is seeking to recruit up to eight new members to its Steering Group; a leadership team that supports the core team and the national movement as a whole. 

We are looking for colleagues who want to lead the movement, including:

  • Colleagues new to What Next?, 
  • Change-makers who want to challenge and evolve practices
  • Existing WN? members who want to take on a leadership role 

If you would like to talk through the What Next? Steering Group recruitment opportunity please email – Joon Lynn at joonlynngoh@gmail.com
Application Deadline – 17 June 2020

Application Process – Please Find the Full Application Pack Here

To apply to be a part of the Steering group, please respond to the questions in the pack by:

Please find our What Next? Steering Group Terms of Reference here

Equality and diversity monitoring

What Next? is committed to equality, including not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010, and building an accurate picture of the make-up of applicants in encouraging equality and diversity. We need your help and co-operation to enable us to do this, but filling in this form is voluntary. The information you provide will stay confidential, stored securely and used for monitoring purposes only. Equal Opportunities monitoring form 

Why Now?

This is an exceptional time for the world, the cultural sector, and our communities. Individuals and organisations are seeking support from each other more than ever before, and many people want to collaborate with others to make change and reimagine our futures. We are seeking new Steering Group members for three reasons: 

1) After operating for eight years, WN? undertook an eight month strategic review with its wider membership to revisit and reshape our ambitions and the way in which we operate. We are now seeking new leadership to join our existing team and support WN? move towards and deliver on a refreshed Vision and Mission. 

2) At the heart of the new vision and mission is further democratising the movement, including increasing the diversity of voices heard in policy and decision making across the cultural sector and with government. We want to start with ourselves and ensure that our leadership is reflective of society. 

3) Given the immediate and long-term consequences of covid-19 on the cultural sector and broader society, WN? is refreshing its governance structure to ensure it has the diverse and effective leadership it needs to respond to this emergency situation and to think strategically and practically about the immediate and long-term future.