Supporting refugees – Action case study

Meet your new neighbour: Farnham Maltings
A programme introducing newly arrived immigrants to local people through visits to live theatre.

Meet your new Neighbour is a simple idea.  To broker introductions between local hosts and newly arrived migrants who attend a live performance event together. The ambition is, in part, to facilitate the integration of newly arrived migrants into British society and address the social isolation that can be experienced by vulnerable and marginalised groups.  Participating venues will work with local refugee organisations and recruit, through its audience membership and mailing lists, volunteer hosts to accompany refugees to a selected programme of performances. The intention is that host and refugee should meet for 30 minutes prior to the performance at the venue and see the show. No other expectation is placed on either.

House will pay for the refugee’s ticket and a contribution towards travel. This programme is in part about the symbolism of a network of cultural venues actively engaging in their civic role intent on brokering 100 new conversations.

How will it work?
house will work with you to choose a performance that is suitable and put you in touch with a local refugee organisation. Then it’s time to recruit your hosts.

Who pays for the tickets?
house will pay for the refugee’s ticket and a contribution towards their travel. The host will pay for their own ticket.

What happens on the day?
The host and refugee will meet at the venue 30 minutes before the performance is due to begin. They can have a drink and a chat and then watch the performance together.

And then what?
Then it’s up to the pairs! If they would like to meet again then they can take it from there. If the pilot is successful, this could be developed into a regular venue event with possible expansion into those new to the area as well as refugees.

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