4 August 2021

News & Campaigns

Culture is My Constituency

We are calling on our members, partners and colleagues to focus any lobbying they want to do on the Spending Round on helping their local MPs to understand their local cultural ecology.

We are asking you to ask your MPs to come in and meet the people who are part of your workforce and community: from make-up artists to technicians, from youth leaders to designers. This is not primarily about showcasing your art (though that’s great too!), it is about helping MPs to understand that there are real jobs in their patch that are valued and important, and voters who care passionately about culture. If you are a freelancer, it is really important to make this case too.

You can find your local MP’s details here: https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/

To Do:

•  Invite your MP for a virtual or real life coffee with their cultural community.

•  Help them to really understand the different kinds of jobs involved in making your art/culture, and in your supply chain

•  Invite freelancers if you are/have a venue

•  Introduce MPs to audiences and participants

•  Ask them to write to the Chancellor to tell them about you, and to ask for funding for the DCMS, Arts Council England and the Arts Premium to be maintained in the Spending Round.

•  Take a photo and tweet it with a positive message about your MP meeting with their cultural constituency #CultureisMyConsituency