31 January 2023

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What Next? is a UK-wide free-to-access movement that brings together both freelancers, and small and large organisations, to debate and shape the future of the arts and culture in the UK.

We are now calling out for 3-4 Advisors to join the What Next? Leadership Group.

Over the last 2 years, What Next? has gone through a period of movement and organisational development. The formation of the WN? Leadership Group is the result of consultation and development around diversifying and democratising the movement’s leadership and governance.

The Leadership Group & the role of Advisors: The Leadership Group is made up of Directors, Chapter Chairs, Advisors and the Core Team, who together support the stewardship of the What Next? Movement. We are calling colleagues and changemakers who may be new to or already connected to WN? to join the Leadership Group as Advisors. As Advisors, your specific role and responsibility will be to bring specialist knowledge and lived experience expertise from wider cultural and social movement ecologies, to influence What Next? movement strategies and priorities that build a more equitable and impactful movement.


Application Deadline – Sunday 5th March

Successful applicants informed of interviews – Friday 10th March

Interviews – Thursday 16th March

If you would like to talk through the opportunity please email –

Clare Thurman – clarethurman@gmail.com or Joon-Lynn Goh – joonlynngoh@gmail.com

WN? Leadership Group 2023 – Advisors Recruitment Pack

In this pack – we’ll give you further information on:

1. What is What Next?

2. Who are we looking for?

3. What are the benefits?

4. Application process

5. Terms of Reference – WN? Leadership Group Terms of Reference-2


What Current Leadership Group Advisors say about being involved with What Next? 

‘What Next? has been pivotal in advocating for the Arts during the beleaguered years of austerity, and the need for a reinvigorated national movement has never been greater as we deal with the current crisis and embark on an uncertain future. The Arts generally, and What Next? specifically have to re-purpose in response, and collective conversations which reflects and represents the diversity of our constituent parts are critical to this process. Opening up the Steering Group is a vital part of this, please consider joining!’ ​- J​amie Beddard – Diverse City, Leadership Group Member.

‘Being part of the Steering Group has provided me with deeper insights into both the challenges of working in this sector in the capital and across the rest of the UK, all of which has helped shape my work and the organisation I lead. WN? is important to me because it is an effective channel through which I can be part of an influential national conversation about things that matter deeply to me and about an industry which I believe is part of our nation’s life blood.’​- D​ave Moutrey – CEO of HOME Manchester & What Next? Co-Chair

‘What Next has been an extraordinary opportunity to understand the breadth and depth of the landscape of the funded cultural sector. I am a black female leader and as such am often marginalised. In this context as with all my roles being part of the steering group is both brilliant and challenging. But, I deeply believe that one of the ways to make change is to have skin in the game.’ ​- Suzanne Alleyne – Cultural Thinker, Leadership Group Member.