Supporting refugees – practical support

  1. Join or create a local Refugee Welcome Group
    You can find the list of existing groups here and if there is no existing local group then you can receive free training on how to set one up and sustain it.
  2. Reach out to local refugee communities and ask what you can do to support them. Welcome them to your building if you have one  -possibly on a specific night in conjunction with audiences and colleagues, or as a general offer of welcome and support.
  3. Offer space to local groups who might need a room for general resources, meetings/workshops/language classes etc.
  4. Be a part of a pilot scheme with the Home Office researching the possibility of the arts and cultural sector creating a consortium for Private Sponsorship of Syrian Refugees.
    We are particularly looking for;
    – A company to be the face/charitable arm of this project
    – Colleagues who can assist with finding accommodation
    – Colleagues who can assist with finding tutoring for English as a Second Language.
    Please get in touch with Kathryn Bilyard on for further details on this
  5. Help find homes for Syrian refugees
    Sign up on the Homes for Resettled Refugees Register or help find others willing to do so. Sign if you:
    – own a family-sized rental property in the UK;
    – would be prepared to offer it as a home for a Syrian refugee family if it is vacant when there is demand in your area;
    – can offer a 3 year tenancy to enable the family to have some stability when they arrive;
    – are able rent out the property for the Local Housing Allowance Rate in your area. The first 12 months of the rent will be paid for by the European Union under a scheme for placing vulnerable refugees.

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