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What Next? Lincolnshire

About the Chapter

An open forum for discussion, debate and information exchange about the future of the arts and culture in Lincolnshire and across the UK.

What Next? Lincolnshire is for anyone based in, or originally from Lincolnshire. This includes North and North East Lincolnshire.

  • The Lincolnshire Chapter is free-to-access and meets once a month to consider local, regional and national issues. The aim is always to keep an eye on the bigger picture and to how we can improve the longer-term prospects of the profile and importance of the arts and of arts education.
  • Our sessions are democratic, friendly and open to anyone who is passionate and/or interested in arts & culture and the vital role it has to play in our society.
  • As well as the locally run monthly sessions, members are also encouraged to take part in monthly UK-wide online meetings when time allows, in order to ensure that Lincolnshire stays linked-in to national conversations.

The What Next? Lincolnshire Chapter was started during the pandemic and all meetings have so far been held on Zoom. However, this technology has hugely helped us all connect in our vast, rural and relatively sparsely populated county and we therefore intend to carry on meeting this way for the foreseeable future. We recognise that everyone is busy and so meetings are intended to be short and punchy.

Chapter Chairs are Jane Crawshaw, Simon Hollingworth, Sam Roddan, Sarah Smith and Nick Owen.

To find out more about meetings and to join the group please email our Chairs at


Updated 14 Feb 2022