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What Next? Norfolk

About the Chapter
The Norfolk What Next? group has been meeting since February 2014 with a focus on supporting the public understanding and value of the arts and culture in our county. NNF Director, William Galinsky, called the first meeting and has co-chaired the group since then with Chris Gribble, Writers’ Centre Norwich. Our membership includes artists, educators, arts organisation staff, gallery owners, museums staff, local government arts staff and many more besides. We work hard to represent a rural/urban mixed economy in an area that has seen some rapid cuts to cultural investment in recent years.

Due to the wide geographical spread of our group we are not currently running regular meetings but rather organising occasional meetups when there is a specific topic to discuss. These can be led by the Chapter Chairs or by a member of the Chapter.

Membership is open to anyone and What Next? Norfolk news can be received by using the links below. We work alongside What Next? Great Yarmouth and are an action-ready group of cultural professionals advocating for the value of arts and culture.

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For more information or to receive notices of meetings use the links above or contact Gemma.

Details last updated: 10 December 2018