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What Next? Lancashire

About the Chapter
The What Next? Lancashire Chapter operates through a network of existing advocacy organisations, representing the sector across the diverse geographical, social and political landscape of the County. These include the Arts Lancashire partnership – which is made up of representatives from Preston Creative Partnership (PCP), Lancaster Arts Partners (LAP), Arts Partners in Pennine Lancashire (APPL) and Arts Partnership for Fylde (APF). This group also has regular representation from the North-West education bridge organisation Curious Minds, Marketing Lancashire, Lancashire County Council officers/members and Arts Council North.

Each of the local partnerships has it’s own membership structure, which can be accessed via their website:

Preston Creative Partnership (PCP)
Lancaster Arts Partners (LAP)
Arts Partners in Pennine Lancashire (APPL)
Arts Partnership for Fylde (APF)

All are in place to represent the views of the sector and advocate for the importance and impact of arts and culture within their places and the wider County. Jenny Rutter chairs Preston Creative Partnership and sits as a representative on Arts Lancashire, she is the Lancashire lead for What Next? and acts as a conduit between the national conversation and these groups to try to ensure the sharing of knowledge and points for debate/development across the network.

Every year Arts Lancashire hosts an open to all event – The Arts Exchange, where we invite the whole sector to come together, debate and discuss the pertinent issues facing us, and shape strategies and goals for the future. This event is open to anyone interested in Arts and Culture and this is the space where we have our most accessible What Next? conversation. Our last event featured a keynote from Darren Henley, ACE Chief Exec and a series of workshops exploring the cultural narrative of Lancashire to help shape future partnership working across the county. The next event will be held in Autumn 2016 in Lancaster, to coincide with the Light Up Lancaster festival – more details will be available closer to the date.

Contact Us
If you are interested in getting involved in a What Next? Lancashire advocacy conversation, either at the Arts Exchange or more regularly through your local arts partnership then get in touch with Jenny Rutter to find out how.

Details last updated: 5 April 2016