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What Next? Generation

About the Chapter
The What Next? Generation chapter is a group of younger and emergent arts professionals and artists who come together to champion the value of public investment in arts and culture, support the teaching of arts subjects in all primary and secondary schools, and recognise the benefits that the arts bring to our society, in uniting communities, securing employment and promoting mental and physical wellbeing. WN?G wish to see arts investment sustained throughout successive governments, and we lobby politicians of all party persuasions. We also champion issues specific to young people in the arts, such as combatting unpaid internships and calling for greater access to engage with all art forms. We have published a manifesto and series of pledges, and have made a video. There is another What Next? Generation group in the North East of England.

Our meetings often happen monthly, at 9am. We have no set location – sometimes the Young Vic, sometimes the Roundhouse, sometimes the Unicorn, sometimes elsewhere. Feel free to suggest a location!

A Streetcar Named Desire, Young Peoples Production at the Young Vic. Photo: Helen Murray


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For more information or to receive notices of meetings contact Daniel Harrison or email

Details last updated: 1 Oct 2015